Welcome to the brand new home of Voices MMU, two-time Champions of Asia, the first Asian team to make Grand Finals of Australs and champion oarsmen (more). The site is under heavy construction, so wear your boots and hard hats baby! Grrrr.

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Incoming: Great Serdang Debate (GSD) 2009

According to the tournament blog:

"Until now, we have received confirmation from universities such as UM, USM, UNIMAS, KDU, MMU, UiTM (Malacca, Sarawak, Shah Alam), UIA, UMP, UMT and IPG Sultan Mizan who will be joining GSD 2009"

It's not stated which "MMU" they're talking about, so I'm going to assume they meant us. So for those who are interested (by which I mean "those who wants to go to Turkey later this year"), here are the details:

An Idiot's Guide to Representing MMU in WUDC 2009/10

An Idiot-Proof Guide to Be an MMU WUDC2009/10 Entrant
But then again, everytime someone created something that is "idiot-proof", God creates a better idiot

Now accepting: entrants to WUDC 2009/10

Destination: Turkey
One small step in Asia Minor...

Turkey. The bridge between Europe and Asia. The cultural clashpoint between Christendom and Islam. Probably the only country named after an edible farmyard animal (no, "France" is not a word for "chicken").

So, how would you like to spend the New Year in an exotic locale, meet new people, and bash them (metaphorically, of course, and all in good fun) for fun and profit?

Australs 2009 - Monash, Australia

Australs 2009 - Monash, Australia
Our brave lads slogging it off in the land Down Under

As per our glorious annual tradition, Voices MMU have sent two teams packed full of brains and technique to the Upside-down Continent for the glory of our debating society. The teams are:

Team 1
Speaker numero uno: Sips
Speaker deux: Groobie
Final speaker: Fangs

Team 2
Speaker numero uno: Jolie
Speaker deux: Happy Hour

World Debating Championships 2008 Teams!

Here ye, here ye! For Tate hath spoken, and here are His words: "Thou shalt send two teams to Ireland, and these teams shall make Voices MMU proud; for I shall train them, and they shall make a covenant with me. For I am their COACH".

CFS-IIU League Summary

Three weekends have passed, and Voices MMU has had its share of fun. Overall, it was a good tournament, and we had our moments. The motions ranged from interesting (the bailout of Fannie May and Freddie Mac) to the (we hope) humourous ("Malaysia should go Nuclear?)

CFS-IIUM League Round 1

Huzzah for the MMU teams!    A quick recap; IIU's CFS (Center for Foundation Studies) is organizing a three-weekend tournament (26th July, 9th August and 23rd August).

Each weekend consists of 5 preliminary rounds plus 2 knockout rounds, all in BP format.    For the first weekend, MMU sent three teams; MMU1 (Bubu and Twinkles); MMU2 (Fangs and Gluteus), and finally MMU3 (Ips and Jolie).

Australs '08...

For the 2008 Australs, MMU once again came, saw and conquered (although not necessarily in that order). All the camaraderie, it seems, is a recipe for romance to sprout forth, but lets not delve into that further.

All the MMU teams have discharged their duties honorably in Australs 2008. MMU1 broke at 12th place, getting into the octofinals, being the only Malaysian team to do so. In general, we have once again cemented the strong impression that Voices MMU is a force to be contended with.

IIU Debate League Week 3: MMU Wins!

Congratulations Kandahar and Allie, the Champions of the final leg of the IIU Debate League. They faced two IIU teams and 1 UiTM team in the Finals, which was that "Governments Should Force Cooperations to Sacrifice Profit for the Sake of the Environment", and emerged glorious victorious shining champions!

Here are the motions of this week's tournament:

Round 1: THW Put a Cap on Transfer Fees for Football Players.
Round 2: THBT Abortions Should be Publicly Funded
Round 3: THW Hang Ronald McDonald (Arman a.k.a. Ronald's personal favorite )

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